Data Extractor

Another smart application that simplifies work. Extracting the content of attachments, and storing it in an organized, manageable table. This works in all languages, and includes extraction of images content.

How it Works

Data Extract gives you a simple user interface to configure which records to extract attachments data from, what type of files to extract from, in what languages, etc. This includes the ability to extract content from images. The extracted data is organized in a centralized table for you to manage.


How Can it
Help Me

The possibilities are vast. Among other usages, you can –
  • Trigger various actions on detection of sensitive information in attachments.
  • Utilize various GDPR related processes based on content of attachments.
  • Efficient processes by displaying content of attachments to process users without the need to open the files.
  • Create smother support work flow by displaying images of attached emails without the need to download and open the email.